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Typically, the French family will have several children, one around the same age as your child.
The parents will usually be in a professional occupation. They will live in a town but will have a holiday home on the coast or in the mountains where they will spend some time during the summer holidays.

This means that their exchange visitor will usually see more than one area of France during their stay.
The family will meet your child from the nearest port, airport or rail station.

We aim to match the French child with your own child’s age, tastes and interests, based on what you tell us on the registration form.
If the exchange overlaps with term time (French holidays do not always coincide with ours), the school will often welcome your child as a guest. This will be arranged before the visit.

Go to our Notice Board for details of some of the French families seeking exchanges. You may find they have children that share the same hobbies and interests as your own child.