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Arc de TriompheExchange visits are based on reciprocal hospitality - your child will stay with a French family and one of the French family’s children will stay with you. (Both visits must take place during the same school year).
The exchanges normally take place during school holidays.

As soon as you register, we look at the French families we have on our database to find a ‘match’ for your child (based on age, interests, family background). We then look at the dates offered by both families. (It is helpful if you can be as flexible as possible concerning dates). When we believe we have a good match we will telephone or email you to discuss the family and possible dates of visits. When you give your agreement we contact the French family and present your child’s profile. Once the French family agrees, we will send you written details and photographs. You can then write to or email the French family and, once both parties have agreed dates, you can book your child’s ticket.

We are always available to provide assistance with translation and travel advice and to generally act as a ‘go-between’ if this is needed. Although you will make your own travel arrangements, the French family is contracted to meet your child at the nearest port, railway station or airport. At certain times of year, Belaf Study Holidays can offer the option of accompanied group travel on certain dates. Please contact our office if you are interested.

Registration can be done online from within this site. Should you not wish to do this, you can print the form and post it to us with your cheque for £95. The Registration Fee element (£35) is a one-off payment which is not refundable. However, it covers any of your children for exchange visits in both the current and subsequent years. It can also be used for other Belaf services such as family homestays, which do not involve an exchange visit.

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