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Our families make their own travel arrangements but you may find the information and links below helpful.

Our office is always happy to help you with travel advice and to liaise with the host family on directions.

The French family will meet your child from the nearest port, airport or rail station. Please check operators’ rules on unaccompanied child travel.


Please note that most charter flights (Easyjet, Ryanair, etc) will not carry unaccompanied children under the age of 14.
For children under 18 years, many airlines require a letter from the parent/guardian giving permission for the child to leave the country.
Please check restrictions with the airline before booking.

You can apply for a passport through a Post Office or through many High Street travel agents. You can also apply online at the Passport Service website:

Your child should be in possession of the European Health Card before they travel. An application form is available from Post Offices.

Many leading insurance companies offer discounts to students. Some also give discounts or bonuses if you book online. A good starting point to find a suitable policy is:

TRAINS: - portal to UK rail information - timetables and bookings - timetables and bookings - times and fares for Channel Tunnel services - European rail information and booking

COACH: - National Express Coaches

FERRIES: - timetables for all ferry routes - P and O Ferries - Sea France - Brittany Ferries - Hoverspeed

AIRLINES: - flight search and fares - British Airways - EasyJet - RyanAir - online travel agent - British Airports Authority

TOURIST INFORMATION: - French Tourist Office

FOREIGN CURRENCY: - buy foreign currency online

Please note: these links do not constitute ‘recommendations’ and we can accept no responsibility for the content of external websites nor the standard of service provided.